emManuel baptist Church

Vancouver, Wa  360-254-8510

Emmanuel Baptist Church - AWANA Program

AWANA club- every Wednesday night at 6.30 pm till 8.00 pm during the school year.

Right now due to COVID our hours are 6.30 pm till 7.30 pm


  • Cubbies- 3 and 4 years old (have to be potty trained)
  • Sparks- Kindergarten through 2nd second grade
  • T & T- 3rd grade through 6th grade
  • Trek- 7th and 8th grade
  • Journey- High School

For more information on what the AWANA club you can go to www.awana.org
Contact information for AWANA Club at Emmanuel Baptist Church:
  • Email: metroministry@gmail.com
  • Phone/Text 360-566-3838 - Anastasia

Please note that due to COVID guidelines we can only have a certain amount of kids in the club at once. Ple ase contact us prior to visiting our club to make sure we have openings for your child(ren).

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